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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Kritunga

Outside of a mess, when was the last time, you had just white rice and curry? Better yet, if you are a fan of Rayalseema food, when was the last time you ate "raagi sankati" and "jonna roti" in a hotel outside of Rayalseema?!

New Kritunga offers you precisely that menu, and there is just no doubt that is scores very high points. I am not a big fan of neither the sankati nor the roti! So, I have only tasted the curries here along with white rice. Most of the times, I get them parceled to home, because the size of these places are small and they are almost full.

Rayalseema mutton fry, chicken fry, mutton curry, chicken curry, brain curry, and even the liver fry are all ethnic in their taste. You can have any of these curries with "ragi sankati" and "jonna roti". Like I mentioned before, white rice adequately compensates for these two items. The pricing is also very moderate. A meal for two will cost no more than Rs.300/-.

I think with the kind of business this guy has been getting, he will be expanding the space inside, sooner or later. Maybe then we can sit in and eat there more regularly. I haven't actually eaten in Rayalseema to know how the food should actually taste, but I am pretty sure this guy is close!

Location: Adjacent to Madhapur Petrol bunk

Lane next to Model House, Punjagutta
Cuisine: Rayalseema
Cost of Meal for two: Rs. 250-300/-
Phone Number: 040-66822550

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