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PS: My apologies to the vegetarians, I very rarely eat veg outside :), so very few recommendations!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aromas of China

Walking on a glass floor with water flowing beneath is not the ideal things you would expect when you walk in to a restaurant. But the ambience, hospitality, the actual menu and more importantly the food – all make up for this little innovative "gaffe" ;-)

My aromatic experience at this restaurant began with the thick lemon coriander soup. By far, the best soup I have had. Appetizers like the Singapore chilly prawns, drums of heaven, three flavored chicken, and spicy fried chicken will all delight your taste buds. If you are going in a bigger group, my recommendation is that you order all four of them! What about vegetarians then? The Taiwan Chilly Baby Corn is the only dish I tried, and I liked it very much!

With such delightful starters, we were well on course for our main course ;-)! For a change, I decided to ask the waiter as to what he thinks will be good options. The standard rice and noodles apart, he came up with chicken in Oyster sauce and Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce, which were, needless to say, excellent! We also tried the Rice Noodles, but they did not taste as promising as the Hakka noodles, so the recommendation is to go for the Hakka Noodles!

Vegetarians – I apologize
L . I did not observe what was ordered, and hence have no recommendations!

The prices of Aromas of China are a bit on the higher side, but the food is definitely worth it. This is a place which we cannot frequent because though the experience fills our stomach, it will empty our pockets!

One thing is for sure – you cannot return disappointed with the food. Go and savor the Aromas of China!

Location: 5th floor, City Centre, Banjara Hills
Cuisine: Chinese
No Buffet for both Lunch and Dinner
Cost of Meal for two: Rs.500-700/-

Phone number: 040-66570000

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Radhakrishna said...

This is one of the best places for the chinese food in hyderabad :)