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From roadside eateries to star hotels; from breakfast to midnight biryanis; and from mexican cuisine to hyderabadi; this blog attempts to provide you short reviews for all the places I have eaten so far in Hyderabad!

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Needless to say, there will be continous updates, and the list is never final! Happy eating!

PS: My apologies to the vegetarians, I very rarely eat veg outside :), so very few recommendations!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

100 Degrees

I thought it will be poetic justice if the 100 restaurant on this blog will be 100 degrees :) Hence, went to this restaurant for lunch today. This place is known for its sizzlers. I ordered the Tandoori Chicken Sizzler and it was good (not out of the place as some people made me believe :) ). Their buffet also has a vast spread of items, but there is nothing that really stands out. That doesn't mean you will leave disappointed :D. This is located at the end of the Necklace road, and if we get a table outside, the view is really good (especially on a cloudy day like today!).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nautanki Gali

It's just different! Am simply in awe and love with this place. Everything about this place is new :) While you walk in, there are a couple of folks singing folk songs - live ! I think this is to make your waiting experience more memorable. And true to its naughty name, the restrooms are named "Ladiss" and "Gants"! Inside the restaurant, there are small compartments each with a different theme. There is a clothes shop theme - the two tables in this compartment are designed like a tailoring machine. On the wall behind, there are cloths hanging :). Another compartment has the theme of a barber shop. And then the open area seating also is good.

And then the menu :) :). 3-4 non-veg starters and multiple veg starters, along with a soup each. There is chat too. So far, all starters have been very good in taste. Main Course again has about 6 non-veg items, again all of them were good (in two visits so far, no disappointment at all :) ). Their pulkas and dosas are also very good. Deserts menu is good, salad offerings are also good. Basically everything is very good :) A must visit place. And the best part is this - Rs.249+taxes=~Rs.327 !! This is located in Cyber Pearl, Hitech City.

Ludus F3

It's been a while since I went there, but if they have the same buffet and pricing as before, then this place is highly recommended. Priced at 199+taxes, they offer good enough veg and non-veg dishes. Only thing is that there is no non-veg soup. However, non veg starters compensate for this "loss" :D. I liked their chilly chicken, chicken fingers (don't remember the name exactly, but they looked like fingers :) ). Their main course offerings are also quite tasty (including veg - I tried a couple of them too). This place also is a gaming place - you can pay and play games like cricket, paint ball etc. This place is located near Madhapur police station.

Rayalseema Ruchulu

Burrppp! Anything non-veg is like a must try item here :). Fish fry, chicken fry (both natu kodi and normal), prawns fry, mutton fry, mutton soup, mutton kheema curry, gongura mamsam, and ofcourse their Chicken, Prawn and Mutton Biryanis!! Don't forget to have them spicy - this will just enrich your taste buds for sure. This place is located near Peddama Gudi in Jubilee Hills. After Kritunga, this place is easily the best place to get some real Andhra/Rayalseema food. Highly recommended :)

Colours and Flavours

Located on the road from Durgam Cheruvu to Madhapur Police station, word about Colors and Flavours needs to be spread wide. Their Lung Fung soup is simply superb. I had two offerings of this soup, in their buffet :). Their buffet offering is also good - ofcourse I ate non-veg. For sure, going back to this place and will keep adding other items to eat!

Red Fox

Horrible experience, and most probably will never go back here. First of all, there is a dull feel to the ambience. Then the menu - there are NO starters. Main course is very bland. And worst was the service. There was no wada in Dahi wada - I tell him, and he tells me - no sir, wada is there!! this is a full 10 minutes after I observed that the wada is not there! Just one of few examples of the service. This hotel is located next to Lemon Tree in Hitec City.