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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Very few restaurants offer an ambience as this one does. Actually, it the way the employees dress that pleases the eye once we enter. The utensils are all also of copper, and it gives you a feeling of eating at your relatives place!

The Chicken Soup/Mutton Soup they offer on the menu is similar to what mom's make at home :-). After the Chicken/Mutton Soup, the fish fry is a must. Along with it, the chilly chicken and the baby corn manchuria for the vegetarians, are also good accompaniments. For the main course, white rice along with chicken chettinad, mutton fry, fish pulusu will all make you feel like you are eating at home! The pulao is also good, but sometimes these people tend to mix up Biryani and Pulao. We've had to fight with them a couple of times to actually get the pulao. This pulao is like the one we make at home, and the biryani is supposed to be Dum Biryani (which isn't worth ordering here).

The fruit salad with ice cream is the best way to finish your full coarse meal.

Malgudi is located at three places, but always prefer to go the one in Lifestyle building. The other two places often don't have south Indian varieties to eat!

Location: Gachibowli Main Road ( towards Toli Chowki )
Life Style Building
Banjara Hills Rd.No.2
Cuisine: Tamil Nadu/Andhra
No Buffet
Cost: Meal for two - Rs 300 - 400

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p-r-a-b-h-u said...

I am surprised you did not try Chicken Chettinad Biriyani and Vanjiram Fry ... First being a traditional TN dish and the second is tasty Kerala Dish...Also try appam with coconut milk another Kerala Delicacy