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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dwaraka Tiffins

We frequent this place only when we go to play tennis, as this is nearer to the stadium.

All tiffins are good, but the best I liked here is the Button Idly. ~10 pieces of small idlis will be put into a bowl full of sambar and given to us. And that is one of the most ideal ways to begin your "food day"! Apart from this, after a veryyy longgg time, I had Paper Dosa here! And as usual, it was very good! Well, Paper Dosa is like any normal dosa, just that it is very long in size! Still, if it doesn't taste good, how can one person contemplate to eat it fully: D! The other regular stuff is also good here, and this is one place where you would surely want to go back.

Location: On Lakdi-ka-pool Main Road
Cuisine: Tiffins
Cost for two: Rs. 50- 100/-

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