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From roadside eateries to star hotels; from breakfast to midnight biryanis; and from mexican cuisine to hyderabadi; this blog attempts to provide you short reviews for all the places I have eaten so far in Hyderabad!

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PS: My apologies to the vegetarians, I very rarely eat veg outside :), so very few recommendations!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Over the flames

This place is tucked away under the "More" supermarket on the road from Cyberabad police station towards Gachibowli. Small joint, great Italian food :). Try the "Thyme scented chicken" for starters. When we had this, the chicken was well cooked and the sauce in which it was dipped just melted in the mouth. 

For main course, we ate Pizzas and Lasagna. The Lasagna was also good - spicy and tasty to the right extent. We had "grilled paparika chicken pizza" and "chicken arrabbiata pizza". Since this is an Italian food joint, the pizzas were thin crust. In general, I am not a big fan of thin crusts, but these pizzas tasted very good. For sure, we will be going back to this place again (and again!). 


For about more than an year, we have been passing by this mess, but never ended up eating there. Located on the route from Inorbit mall to the Madhapur police station (durgam cheruvu route), this small place is a beehive of activity! And the order here is pretty simple - meals + mutton fry :). The curries with the meals are great, the rasam and sambar are great, and more importantly the mutton fry is great! 

We have seen lot of people ordering biryani also. The smell was enticing, and from the looks of the eaters, the biryani seems to be a hit here too! Next time, it will be biryani instead of meals! 


More often than not, I end up in Zurna enticed by the aromas coming out from their kitchen while we drive into our apartments! Zurna is located right outside our apartment complex. It's kitched faces our complex and hence the aromas while we drive in! 

And the aroma is not misleading too :). Tangdi kabab is awesome. Chilly Chicken, Chicken 65 are also very good, but are slightly overpriced I feel (a full plate is Rs. 130 and it doesn't look like a full plate :) ). We recently had their kheema curry and as always that was also very good. Punjabi chicken is another dish you might want to try too. I am sure the other kababs are equally good - will surely continue to try them. However, their biryani is on and off... at times it is very good and at times the rice is not properly cooked. To be on the safer side, you can always relish their Chicken fried rice! Overall, this place has been superb and will surely be visited many more times :D 

Price range: Rs. 300-400 for two
Location: Somajiguda. 

Smoking Jalapeno

True to their tagline "there is nothing Mexican about it", there is actually nothing Mexican about this! This place is adjacent to Subway in the Ratnadeep complex in Somajiguda. This is primarily a take away joint, but if you wish to, you can eat there too. Their food is also quite good. 

We have primarily tasted their chinese items and have not been disappointed so far. Chicken chilly garlic friend rice, chicken schezuan fried rice, chicken singapore fried rice - all are good. Schezuan chicken (wet), chicken drumsticks, chicken-65 are also good. I'd recommend that you call this place before going there, for more often than not, it takes more than 20 minutes for a simple order to get ready! This place also serves kababs and rolls. I vaguely remember trying their roll once, and don't remember having any complaints. Kababs are yet to be had here :D ... Stay tuned ;) 

Price Range - Rs. 300-400 for two


I guess one of the very few Mexican food joints in the city is Chillies. This restaurant is in the Inorbit mall, and most probably I will not be going back to this place again. No no, it's not the food, it's the bill! Recently, 4 of us went there (this was my 4th visit overall, and the first time I looked at the bill). The items we ordered costed us Rs. 1800 but the total bill came up to Rs. 2400 !!! A service charge of 11% (or maybe it was 12%), VAT and service tax - all added up to us paying about 1/3rd of our bill just as additional stuff ! And frankly, I think the service charge is over-priced. We should get to decide how much we wish to pay - not the hotel, especially when the "service" involved is very less! 

Anyways, if you don't care about the above arguments, this place is a very good one for nice food! Any sizzler is good - we tried almost all of them and were not disappointed. There is this cheese pasta thing that is very good for starters. We tried the tacos, and also the grilled fish (with pepper) - and they tested nice too! Like I said, food is good, billing is baad! 

Hitech Bawarchi

I guess the reason why the original Bawarchi restaurant in RTC x roads has a "We do not have any branches anywhere" is places like Hitech Bawarchi. Sandeep bhai tells us that the biryani is very good here, and therefore we all meet up here for lunch. First, the service is very slow. I even ordered soup, but ended up being disappointed with it. Chicken-65 has been ordered - and it was ok. And then came the big thing - chicken and mutton biryani ! The order was not properly taken. Mutton biryani had just 6 pieces. Taste was not great at all! 

So we question Sandeep bhai -he tells us that he always took parcel and that always turned out to be good. This was vouched for, by another friend. Anyways, the experience turned out to be pretty bad and for sure we are not going back to this place! 


I actually haven't been to this place, but have had food from here! We were at this friend's place and he tells he has snacks from Vacs - so without further delay we hog it! We had chicken croissants which were very good. There was another chicken variety too - looked like chicken puff but much softer - that was also very good. We had black forest pastry, which was also very good. Plus, some functions we attended had cakes from vacs - butter scotch, fruit cake - all these are also good. Maybe one of these days, will be visiting this place too! Stay tuned :D 


We ended up at this place because there was a long waiting time at Nautanki Gali ! And no regrets at all. By now, you must have guessed that this place is right next to Nautanki Gali in Cyber Pearl. While Nautanki Gali offers a sumptous buffet, Rubaiyat is only a-la-carte; only from the menu. We had tangdi kakab and tikka kabab and both were very good. We then had chicken and mutton biryani - and again no complaints! The ambience is very regal, and the service is also top quality. Next time, we will go here out of choice and not because it will take time to get seated in Nautanki Gali ! 

Price Range - ~600-800 for 2. 
Location: Cyber Pearl, Hitech City


I have never been a fan of their fried chicken - somehow was never attractive. But off late, they came up "Feiry chicken" too ! And this item is quite good! Basically grilled with spices exclusively to KFC, this item is a toned down version of the their fried chicken. Their popcorn chicken is also worth a try. Their "Zinger burgers" are also good for a quick snack. 

However, there are many others who like their fried variety too, so I guess if you haven't tried KFC at all, you can give a try for both fried and fiery chicken and choose your favorite! 

Pizza Hut

Cheesy bites. Cheesy Bites. Cheesy Bites! Just have any of their cheesy bite pizza - this is pure bliss! Ofcourse, you have to be a fan of cheese :D. Any pizza with these is good. That's all I have to recommend here. Any pizza with cheesy bites! Ohh by the way, I hate black olives so I will not recommend them. Otherwise, any pizza with cheesy bites! 


Cheese burst and ultimate deep dish are the good crusts that you can choose from. I am no fan of thin crusts, hence my aversion towards ordering that! Their spicy chicken and barbeque chicken pizzas are good. And since I am fan of cheese, I typically order extra cheese on these pizzas!