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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maharaja Chat Bandar

Am borrowing a review written by another friend, because this is the only way we can review that place!

If you are a fellow die-hard roadside chat-aholic, then look no further for heaven, for Maharaja Chat Bhandar, located near Madhapur Police Station holds the key! Even if you are one of those who think a "meal" consists only of rice/roti with sabzis and sambars, this tiny blue "redi" / "thela" can convert you in a panipuri

Try a first course of Alu Tikki, then savour your Pav Bhaji laden with butter, and finish off in style with a round of Dahi Puri. This place sells the kind of lip-smacking chat which can get people who driver the Benzes and BMWs to park on the side of the narrow lane, get out and rub shoulders with schoolgirls, auto drivers and IT geeks. Not even the slickest restaurant in town can compete with the Maharaja's smiling three-and-a-half-man operation, fast and friendly service and their ability to get your taste buds tingling. This place has been featured in local newspapers and with the Abids Gokul chat recently shut down, it has few competitors. Truly the one and only "Maharaja"!

Location: Near Madhapur Police Station

Cuisine: Chat

Cost for two: ~Rs.50

1 comment:

Sandeep said...

Though Aloo Tikki is mentioned here but I always customize it a little bit by asking him to just deep fry the Aloo ball/cutlet and only add a pinch of salt+chilly powder and have it hot hot!!!

Make sure nothin else is bhujia onions.

Try this thing out and I bet you will immediately go for another one.