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Saturday, June 13, 2009


This restaurant recently got into national news because Rahul Gandhi had tiffin at this place. He had Guntur Idli and Steam Dosa. Both good choices, I must say! It took me a long time after the restaurant actually opened to visit it, but after my first visit, I liked the place much better than the "Grand Old Hotels", Shanbhag and Kamat.

This place serves us with 5 chutneys unlimited, for any kind of tiffin we order. Both the Guntur Idli, and the Babai Hotel Idli are must for anyone entering this place. If your apetitite still permits, have the mint dosa, or the steam dosa. If your apetitite still permits, have the onion and tomato Uttappam. By now, your apetite would have been saturated :D!

There is also this dish in which they serve us with four different small uttapams ( mint, onion, tomato, and karam). I did not like the mint and the karam uttapam as much I liked the other two, so I ordered just the Onion and Uttappam during my next visit

This place also serves South Indian and North Indian thalis for lunch and dinner, but is best known for tiffins and hence we shouldn't miss a chance to have them instead of the regular meals.

Location: Nagarjuna Cross Roads, Punjagutta
Jubilee Hills, 36 ( This is the straight road after the Checkpost signals, if you are coming from TDP office side).
Cuisine: Tiffin
Cost: Tiffins for two – Rs.200 -250/-

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