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From roadside eateries to star hotels; from breakfast to midnight biryanis; and from mexican cuisine to hyderabadi; this blog attempts to provide you short reviews for all the places I have eaten so far in Hyderabad!

Without much further ado, if you are looking for reviews of restaurants in Hyderabad by Alphabetic order(I have 228 so far!),
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Needless to say, there will be continous updates, and the list is never final! Happy eating!

PS: My apologies to the vegetarians, I very rarely eat veg outside :), so very few recommendations!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Autumn Leaf

A small batch of us went to this place for lunch, and were bowled over by the quality of food. Actually, the ambiance also is quite good, because a villa has been converted into a CafΓ© and a Studio! We will of course focus only on the CafΓ© here. This place basically serves European cuisine. Because we went in a group, we could order a lot of items! For soups, we ordered the Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Pea and Brocolli Soup, and the Shrimp Bisque. I personally like the Shrimp Bisque a lot, but the vegetarians in our group were drooling over the other two soups!

For starters, we got the Mezze platter (basically I will always order this wherever it is available!). As usual, this was quite good! We ordered Devilled eggs, but didn’t like it very much. The Fish cakes tasted awesome, but smelled . The Chicken Souvlaki was good, as were the Brushcettas! There was a dish named Autumn bomb 😊 – but we didn’t venture into trying it!

I had the Basa grilled fish for main course, which was quite good, and also didn’t smell like the fish cakes did! Other dishes included the Eggplant Parmigiano, Vegan Burger, Shepard’s Pie, and Veg Casserole! Overall, this place serves really good European Cuisine.

Pakka Local

Have you ever heard of a biryani called Gilli Biryani? That name immediately caught my attention in the menu, and we asked the chef what this was about. He told us this will be prepared after we order it, is spicy and also tasty! True to what was told, this Gilli Biryani was indeed awesome! Will definitely repeat this order the next time I will go here!

Also, there are two new dishes here that I haven’t seen elsewhere. One is Spicy Mini Veg basket. From the name I was assuming it will be a platter of some vegetables. However, this is a veg mix that is served in a crispy shell. The taste was very good, but the dish was not as hot as one would like it to be! The second dish is Coconut Fried Chicken! This is served on a stick (like Satay) but is deep fried. And the coconut taste stays with you for a while, so the dish is very nice! Pakka Local basically offers all types of cuisine, and can be visited multiple times!

Urban Kitchen

Haven’t been to this place, but ordered only once online. Ordered their Special fried Rice. Typically, special fried rice means that restaurants will put all types of non-veg available into it! I was also expecting something similar when I placed this order. However, what they sent pleasantly surprised me! Once I open the lid, there is this nice bed of omlette on which some chicken 65 was present! And ofcourse there was rice below the omlette. Being an omlette fan, I simply loved the presentation too! The taste also was quite good. We also ordered Chicken Drumsticks, which also tasted good.


Oh boy! Oh boy, the desserts at this place! Just too good! To start with - The Russian Medovick Cake! Honey, caramel and biscuit. I first saw and had doubts about this combination, but all doubts cleared the moment the first bite went in! Next, the Tiramisu. One of the best we get in Hyderabad. Then there is the Γ‰clair, with custard in it! This is a very nice place for having desserts, but of course little costly 😊.

Hyderabad Chefs

Haven’t been to this place, but ordered online. Also seen this place many times in Kukatpally! More than anything, I liked their fry/curry dishes a lot! Chicken Fry and Mutton Fry are the best dishes here. Have also had biryani and fried rice from here, but would still rate the Fry dishes much higher 😊.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Simply South

My brother, while on a visit, told me that he wanted to eat a Thali. So we ended up going to Simply South, only to be told that they have now stopped serving Thali but have a buffet instead. Reluctantly checked out the buffet, only to be amazed by their spread! Both their Veg and Non-Veg spreads are simply too good! Chicken pualo, mutton curries, fish fry/pulusu, Egg burji etc are all very tasty. We have been here a few times with team members and have liked the food each time we went! They serve Aapam to the table, and needless to say it is best had with a mutton or chicken curry 😊.

In Veg, I had their gummadakaya pulusu which was very authentic. This one time, there was coconut rice in the menu, and it was like eating at home! They have Malabar Parottas too, that go well with various curries that are served. Sometimes they even had garelu, as a starter, which again goes very well with non-veg curries.

Barbeque Pride

This is close on the heels of the other Barbeque places in the city, but their spread is far more than any other Barbeque place. They have Chinese, Italian, Pizza, Indian, Dosa counter and Grill counter for their main course! Dosa with chicken or mutton curries is a heavenly combination, whoever makes it! The starters are served onto your table on a barbeque – and are similar to what the other places serve. The taste is quite good, and if you want spice variations, they’d be very happy to serve them too! Their dessert spread is also quite good, and would recommend this place for team lunches for sure!

Ankapur Village Military Hotel

The routine is very simple. Go here, preferably before 1pm for lunch. Remove your slippers and sit on the cots they have. Order for Pot Mutton Biryani, or Pot Prawns Biryani, or Pot Chicken Biryani. After ~20 minutes (because they make it after you order), piping hot biryani with piping hot spices will be served. One Pot biryani will be enough for 2 people if you are heavy eaters, and 3 people if you are medium-heavy eaters! Enjoy the food and come back! They do serve meals and other items, but like I suggested, please stick to the routine for an awesome food experience!

Ahobilam Foods

This is a Veg only place. This is also a Millets only place, and that’s what makes it unique! I must thank a colleague at office for making it finally possible to visit this place! And I will not hesitate to say it – some of the best veg food I ever had! They have a set menu, that they will serve at your table. Two types of Millet rices (when we went, they served Korra Pulihora and Brown Rice), and then they will serve upto 6 or 8 curries/sweets along with it! Each of the dishes will have some millet or the other. We also ordered Ragi Sankati along with pachi pulusu – again the pachi pulusu here is one of the best we had!

After this, we had coconut laddoos for desert, and it has been many years since I had such tasty coconut laddoos! They sell a variety of sweets and savories too here, so this place is definitely worth a visit!


Haven’t been to this place yet, but ordered online from them. Though a little costly, I liked the dishes which were quite different from the regular staples we generally have πŸ˜‰. Mochar Chop is a good starter to begin with. Bhetki Paturi (Fish with mustard wrapped in banana leaf) is awesome. But you will like it only if you like Mustard flavor, otherwise please to stay away from it 😊. One good item in Bengali cuisine is their Luchi. Poori for south Indians 😊. Luchi with Dak Bungalow chicken is another new combination that is quite good here!

New Meghana Spicy Foods

Have never been to this place but ordered online from them. Their Joint Leg piece biryani is simply awesome 😊. Even our friends liked this a lot, in addition to their fry piece biryani too. They also deliver chicken and mutton fry dishes, and unlike many other places, do give enough meat in their dishes!


What a place, what a place! This is located on a rooftop in Banjara Hills. What a place really! We can never forget the food and ambience of this place! This place serves Asian cuisine, and some of them taste so good that you might actually think you are eating in that country only! We had the Japanese Noodle soup that tasted delicious. They recommended to have the Spicy Miso Glazed chicken wings, and we also had Crispy fish with Malaysian Chilli

We then went on to order from the Teppanyaki page – a Hibachi Basa fish with teriyaki sauce! They served this with some nice grilled veggies and rice. Along with this, we also ordered a Vietnamese Fried Rice. The best was yet to come though! For desserts, we ordered “Lemon Drop” – oh man, what a taste it was! I’d very strongly recommend that you keep some space at the end of your meal and order this “Lemon Drop” dessert! You will not leave this place disappointed at all!  

Ten J

Went here once for team lunch, because we got bored of going to places near to office! We were a larget group, and the pace of service of the starters was quite impressive. The starters menu (of the buffet) is similar to what we have at many places and nothing stood out except for Chicken-65! The spread of main course was also vast, and the mutton curry tasted good. Their Egg salad was also quite good, and it got over fast too! Overall, it was not some outstanding experience but was a good experience though!


Another telugu food joint that serves very good telugu food! What I liked the most here though is their offerings in the “Non-Veg rice” section! No other place serves Gongura mutton rice for example! There are restaurants that serve Avakai biryani but no one that serves Avakai rice with chicken! Once, I also went along with a large group, so we got to try their other pulao varieties too, which tasted good. Oh wait, I forgot – their fish kebab is awesome! You must try it atleast once!  

They have another branch in Hitech City, but this doesn’t have the “Non-Veg rice” section in it.

Spice 6

After a visit to Turkey, our love for Mediterranean cuisine went up by leaps and bounds! So when a friend suggested that Spice 6 has good Mediterranean food, it didn’t take too long to land here! And what a treat it was! The Baba Ganoush was awesome, the Tabbbouleh salad was awesome, the kabsa laham was awesome, the chicken lollypop was awesome, even the manchow soup was awesome! Infact, we used the Tabbouleh next day at home, while making dosas for breakfast too! Overall, an awesome place with awesome food!

Brown Bear

To meet someone, I got down at Telugu Academy in Himayathnagar. And as fate would have it, there is a bakery right opposite to where I got down!! And it was inviting me to come and eat πŸ˜ƒ. This bakery offers a lot of stuff, but I could only have their Blackforest Pastry, Chicken Puff and a Watermelon juice (the wait was long, you see πŸ˜‰)! I’d definitely go back to this place if I went back to Himayathnagar anytime later!

Wok Republic

Very few places in Hyderabad serve Thai Papaya Salad! So the moment I saw it, I ordered it! And these folks didn’t disappoint with the dish. For Starters, chicken wings (dish named Wings of Fury!) and Java floater are quite good. However, the main course is where it gets interesting, because you get to choose your own ingredients! Am not sure if any other place in the city allows you to chose this way! So you get to choose your own vegetables, non-veg, sauces, noodles, and rice! Almost all of their sauces are quite good, and it is difficult to pick any one! I’d say, try this place out 2-3 times to get  a real flavor of their offerings 😊.


True to the name, this food joint in Ameerpet dishes out some of the best rotis and parathas in Hyderabad! You can pick any of their parathas and won’t be left disappointed. Even their achar and raita are awesome! The place is always brimming with people, so I generally preferred ordering online from here!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Eat Burp Repeat!

Their Somajiguda branch is right in our apartment complex! It’s like a 3 minute walk to get your food! Their steamed vegetables, Devilled Eggs and Chicken Momos are the perfect way to start your meal here! For main course items, whilst their Chinese items are good, I liked their sandwiches better! The ambience of the place is also simple and enjoyable!  

Makers of Milkshakes

Whoever came up with the idea of corn flakes in milk shake must be given a bigg award! I’d very highly recommend their Orange Flake Healthy Shake! Ah, what a relief when you have it! I tried their coffee flake too, but liked the orange one better! Don’t forget – you must try their Orange Milk Shake!


On a mini conveyor belt, they have this constant supply of small plates of food that are called “food shots”! I must say, these shots aer very tasty – both the veg and non-veg ones. Prawns with sticky rice, veggies wrapped in cucumber, watermelon with cream, pani puri (ofcourse!) – all these items are quite tasty and easy to eat too!

Another innovative thing here is that they let you make your own pizza 😊. You can wear the chef’s uniform and roll out your own pizza. And in the process you can also understand why it is difficult making the pizza πŸ˜‰ ! Their starters and main course have a variety of offerings, and do taste good. I’d recommend their Kulcha bread with lamb chops though – they are different from what traditionally is offered! To end, they use liquid nitrogen to prepare a Pan ice-cream. But I am not a big fan of pan ice cream 😊.

Jonathan's Kitchen

The first time we went here, we had a mixed experience. We were a large group and we had the buffet. The starters were not hot enough, and we had to repeatedly ask the folks to heat them up and serve it. They tasted quite good once we got the heated dishes. The main course and salad offerings were well spread and tasty too. The Mediterranean salads, the mutton curries, the vegetable lasagna etc tasted quite good too. We ordered Tiramisu cake at the end, and I must say that it is one of the best I ever had in Hyderabad! The second time also was a large group, for lunch buffet! The restaurant was full, and they were having trouble getting new plates/spoons at their counters. The food experience was quite good though – this time we even had pizzas and we walked out a content lot!

Shah Ghouse

I’ve always wondered why Old City restaurants don’t open up in Hitech City! Shah Ghouse has answered these doubts and opened their branch in Gachibowli. Whilst their Chicken biryani is quite good, their best offering is the Mutton Biryani. They even have a double mutton biryani on offer, which is ofcourse a mandatory order if you are a mutton lover 😊.

Oh so Stoned!

Each time, I used to slow down my vehicle to pick up food from Clay Pot, the first guys to approach me were from “Oh so stoned!” Finally one day, we decided to try out their ice cream. Whilst a couple of them tasted routine, their Tiramisu ice-cream was fabulous! It has a catchy name too – “Tira Miss U” ! I’d highly recommend the Tiramisu ice-cream here!

Sairam Mess

After hearing about this place for nearly two years, the stars finally aligned for a visit to this place 😊. This is a simple place with a simple menu. Veg Meals, with options for non-veg fry and curry items. We were a large group, so got a chance to have their chicken fry, mutton fry, omlette and chicken curry. All of them tasted quite good! Infact, even their veg curries served in the meals are also very good 😊. This place can be frequented for very nice food within a very affordable budget too!


One fine evening, while searching for some good icecream places, found an enticing picture of this place where different colored ice-cream sticks were placed! It was so appealing that we set off to their Jubilee Hills shop. Though they didn’t have a display as shown in that picture (their outlets in Inorbit and Forum Mall have this eye-catching display!), their Watermelon Gelato was quite tasty. Every time I go there I only take that. I have tasted their Grape and Pista sticks too, and they are equally tasty.

Almond House

The newly renovated Almond House is a treat for sweet lovers! In addition to this, they also host “Indulge Ice creams” who serve awesome Gelato too! You should have the Lime Gelato while you are here – simply outstanding! A variety of sweets and namkeen at Almond House (both at their Banjara Hills and Kukatpally locations) are very good. I feel they use the right amount of ghee and hence the nice taste!

Bon Appediet

I like the innovative name :). 

This is an ideal place for healthy yet tasty food! Bruschetta, Tangy Grilled Chicken and Hummus with Pita bread are good starters to have. Their chicken and veg sandwiches are both quite tasty, and light too. But my best dish was their Harissa Fish – the herbs they use along with this fish are very good 😊. I have never been to this place but placed only online orders.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Gourmet Baklava

After a holiday in Turkey, we fell in love with their food – their starters, main courses and ofcourse their Baklava! So imagine our surprise when a Turkish sweet shop, named Gourmet Baklava, opened up in Hyderabad! Thrilled that such a shop was opened, we went there only to get our second surprise 😊 – the cost! Baklavas are priced at nearly 2000 rupees a kg! Turkish Coffee has a distinct taste, and this place does serve authentic Turkish coffee. However, the downside again is the high price!


They had a huge billboard advertisement on the Khairatabad flyover about a bun, and we were intrigued by it. Therefore we landed up in their Jubilee Hills restaurant. The plan bun costs 170 rupees. 170 rupees for a bun!! But then we came till here, so we might as well order the bun! And once the bun came, oh boy! What a fantastic taste the bun had. It was just melting in your mouth! That said, still find the cost quite high and so haven’t gone back to this place again!


I have been a fan of starbucks for many years, and happiness knew no bounds when they were opening up in Hyderabad. Extra Hot CafΓ© Latte and Extra Hot Vanilla Latte are my regular coffees! Even when a new variety is on offer, I will only prefer to try these out because of the refreshing feeling they bring to the mind! In addition to this, their food options are also quite good. Egg White Croissant, Egg and Ham wrap, grilled chicken sandwich – all go very well with the Latte! Hail Starbucks!

Haven’t been to this place but placed a lot of online orders for tiffins, on lazy Sunday mornings! Their chutney that comes along with the Idli is awesome 😊. It has the right amount of spice, that many big restaurants also miss! You should also try out their Upma Dosa, along with this chutney! Your Sunday will be awesome after this!

King's Drive IN

Sambar Rice with chicken. Eat their Sambar rice with chicken! What a dish! This is basically a drive IN place (resembling a food court), where you have multiple restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Their Dosa counter is quite good, but sometimes they use so much ghee that it overpowers everything else! Did I tell you to eat their Sambar rice with chicken?

Frio Bistro

This must rank as one of the best European places in Hyderabad (that also serves Gachibowli Fried Chicken 😝). Both their Minestrone soup and Mushroom soup are very good. The Prawn and Fish paella is my favorite dish here. You can have this along with the Artichoke and Baby Corn A la plancha. Artichoke is generally not served at many places so it was a pleasure to see this here! We had also tried sandwiches, risottos and pasta – all of them were quite good and nothing to complain about!


Never been to their place, but placed so many orders online from them, that I lost count! And I repeat just one order – Grilled Mushroom Edi Bowl! What an awesome idea this bowl is! You get all kinds of great ingredients, the right amount of spice and cream, and the edible crust! The bowl is light yet filling, and that’s the best part of it. I have also tasted their pizza and wrap, but I went back to the bowl, because like I said, what an awesome idea!

Punjab Grill

Located very close to the Jubilee Hills Check Post, the ambience of this place doesn’t resemble anything Punjabi πŸ˜‰. However, the food resembles a lot of Punjabi! It would be sacrilege if you walk into a Punjabi restaurant and not eat Butter Chicken! Their butter chicken was quite tasty. The place serves buffet and ala carte, and we chose to go with the buffet. I actually found the salad options to be quite tasty and good. Starters were served on the table, and the tandoor chicken varieties tasted the best! Butter chicken stood out for me, in the main course. But the best part was the parting shot – a Pan Shot! I’d go back again only for this perhaps!

The Buffet - GVK Mall

Visited this place only one time, after a movie that ended at 9:30pm! Was actually going up to eat at Khaan Saab, only to come to know that they have closed! The Buffet was suggested instead, and the place was quite big. Their buffet menu is also quite exhaustive but nothing that stood out – there was more of the stape varieties that we get in the buffets these days! Nevertheless, one will not be disappointed if you go here to have lunch.

Burger King

Well, if it is Burger King then you got to write only about the Burgers πŸ˜‰! But I have even tried their wraps, which were quite good! So you can pick any kind of burger you want or the wrappers – you will leave the place with a happy tummy!

Smokey House

Located right opposite the Raheja IT park, the accessibility of this place to 1000s of hungry souls is quite good! Their concept is similar to the Barbeque places that have come up around the city in recent times. Their food is also equally tasty! All of their starters that they serve on the barbeque on your table taste quite good. The fish and prawns especially stand out. I also liked their grilled mushrooms a lot (ordered multiple of those!). Their main course was also equally impressive – especially their mutton dishes. In the three times I have been here, liked their mutton dish the most! In desserts, they serve a pineapple jalebi which was quite innovative (and tasty)!

Tim Tai

True to their attractive name, they also offer an attractive menu of Asian cuisine. The Tom Yum soup here is as good as it can get for us 😊.  For starters, their steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf is one of their best dishes. The Dimsum platter (both veg and non-veg) are super light, and tasty too. Similar to Calamari dish, they have tempura squid too. I’ve had the Thai Chilli Basil noodles and Khao Pad rice during one visit. Nothing to complain about 😊. However, what stood out in a later visit was the Thai Massaman Curry and Malaysian Rendang Curry for the main course! These dishes were again as good as they could get!