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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Byte

In 1996, a friend of mine in Intermediate tells me that he will be treating me that day to a burger! Now, who will even reject that offer. Little did I know that it will be at a place with which I will fall in love with!!

After that day, so many of us used to go there (most of the times, at the expense of one person only ;-) ), and this place became a "meeting point" for our gang! Even today, those who come visiting to Hyderabad make it a point to eat there ! Such is our attachment to this place!

Well, this being a bakery, you have a host of items on the menu. I will list all my favorites that you should never miss. If you cannot eat them all at one go, go there multiple times!

Chicken Bun, Mutton Chop, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Cheese Burger ( with the tomato sauce...mmmmmmmm), Chicken Pizza with Extra Cheese, Veg Roll and of course Thums Up/Pepsi along with these! Pineapple and Black Forest pastries are also good here.

13 years from the first time I ate there, this place continues to remain our favorite "meeting place"!

Location: Srinagar Colony


p-r-a-b-h-u said...

The place has very good service. I love all the pasteries there. For birthday try the Black Forest Cake .... It is best I have had.

Anil Kuppa said...

You might want to check the video - .
I had recorded this when the manager was selling PET bottles above MRP. You can sell bottles above MRP, if you're not serving in bottle.