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Saturday, June 13, 2009


If you ever feel like having fish for lunch, then there is only one place in the city where you should go. No prizes for guessing which one!

The ambience of Angeethi itself is striking - it gives you a feel of a dhaba. Start your lunch with the awesome shorba (traditional soup) they serve (don't forget to add the coriander), some salads and the fish fry. If you thought the first round was good, the second round (and the third round and so on) will leave you lusting for even more.

Have the biryani with raita, fish fry (yes, again!), and the non-veg curry they serve for the day. And I am pretty sure you will go back and get more fish fry!

For the vegetarians, the rich spread of different curries is bound to be a pleasure. And for the health freaks, the variety of fruits available compliment the rich food, so don't get scared off! Desserts, particularly the gulab jamun and malpua should not be missed.

Finally, do NOT leave Angeethi without having their wonderful pan. You will come out with a heavy stomach and light head, and it requires a great deal of will power to go back to office and work after the lunch! I have been to dinner at this place once, and did not enjoy the experience as much as the lunch one. So, given a choice, I would advise you to prefer lunch.

Location: Adjacent building of City Centre
Cuisine: Indian
Buffet for Lunch
Cost of Meal: Lunch Buffet – Rs. 250/ + taxes
Phone Number: 040-66252941

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Akanksha said...

lunch buffet no doubt is awesome.. but some things that I obsolutely must mention:

Their kebabs are just so yummmm. Do NOT miss out on the succulent seekh kebabs.. its just right.. only Sahib Sindh Sultan kebabs can come close to this!

For veggies: I strongly recommend sarson ka saag and makke ki roti. And it's available throughout the year.. so anyone craving for this otherwise seasonal delicacy.. head to angeethi!!