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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I hate you ...

I hate February. Not every february. But only this year's february.

In our college days, me and another friend used to hate March-April. We had 5 birthdays to celebrate, and by the end of it all of us were broke. We would be famnished at the end of it too.

This year's february beat all of that! There were just too many things to do this month. Writing a blog didnt even figure anywhere in those "priority" things! First there was this travelling to do. Attending marriages and of course eating there! I had a wonderful time at the marriages, but it is the after-effects that are sooo .... i dont know what word to use! Suddenly, there is no one at home, and nothing to do - bored is a small word to use in these circumstances!

Anyways, I dont know if I ever mentioned this, but I have special affinity towards marriage food :D Agreed there is no non-veg, but there is something very exquisite about the menu that makes me yearn for it. Especially when the food is made in towns and not in Hyderabad. Hyderabad marriage food is all predictable in taste and in content. In towns and villages it is not ! A couple of years back, a friend of mine had this superb breakfast menu right here in Hyderabad. 36 items. I tasted 32 of them :-) !! That's how content people have to leave from marriages :-)

Anyway, the point of writing all this is that I had some excellent food at all the marriages I attended this month. And if you are wondering why I am so particularly talking about food in marriages, well.... doesn't the title of the website say it all ;-) !

Now for the second reason - lack of sleep! Multiple reasons for this, but just couldn't get to sleep for atleast 10 days in this month. Somehow get a feeling that March is going to be much better sleep wise! ohh btw... My mom came back to India this month. I tried my best to clean the house, but I guess you cant escape her sharp eyes. She was pretty upset at the way the house was maintained, but then I gave up too :D :D

Third, there was no exciting political activity. Same old stuff. Budgets were just routine, parliament proceedings was routine. Well, Somnath Chatterjee is going to retire :-(. Cat fights amongst AP politicians were just routine ( nobody here seems to want to retire :D ). My weekly World this Week columns were also routine :D. But I am pretty sure, March will throw up much more topics in this field to discuss!! :D

Well.... there are some good things also that happened ! I was at the opening of this Bridge School that Qualcomm is sponsoring. Had lively interactions with the kids, administered an oath to them too. Well, technically I didn't administer any oath to them because then my conscience will hurt ( the oath had things like.. cleanliness, honesty etc :D ). It is a different experience to know what the kids with such backgrounds think about life. Another good thing that happened was .. well, let's not reveal that :D

I now realise I have written a longg boringg blog .... another reason for you also to hate february !!!

February 2009 - I hate you.