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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I wonder how, I wonder why ...

... well I am not going to write the lyrics of the Full song :D. I happened to listen to this song in the morning, and these words aptly suited for the title of what I wanted to write.

I am actually surprised. AP sent 34 MP's for the Congress alliance in 2004. The highest from any state. We get 5 ministerial berths. AP again sent 33 MP's in 2009 and we still get 5 berths ( 4 of them are Ministers of State - that means you really cannot do much on your own) !!

Winning the second time is much more bigger than winning the first time. It is not that there is a dearth of leaders. Surely, if you won twice they must have had potential, and ohh surely, anyone would have been a much better choice than Vilasrao Deshmukh !!! I think this will be the single biggest mistake Madam has made. Vilasrao failed the state when it was in a severe agrarian crisis, and then failed it again during multiple terror attacks. And yet, somehow he becomes a minister in the Cabinet !! Wow, so much for the politics of appeasement!! It still beats my mind how he was inducted into the ministry.

Last time too ( 2004 ), I was miffed. But a friend of mine put forth the argument that it is not the number of MP's but it is talent that should matter. I bought the argument then. However in 2009, I am not inclined to buy it, because people winning 2-3 times are no small leaders. And also in a democracy you HAVE to respect people's will. The people of AP have reposed their strong faith for Congress at the centre, and yet their representatives get nothing! Karnataka sent 6 MP's, and you reward them with 3 Cabinet minister posts !! I keep wondering why AP is taken so lightly always by the high command... Maybe next time, they will be more considerate, considering that the people of this state have been considerate enough to re-elect them.

Anyways, the Congress has a good enough majority, so it is upto them to choose how they want to function, my protests are like a drop in the ocean. Good luck with the next 5 years !

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monsoon is coming soon :(

Under normal circumstances, I would have welcomed the early monsoon. It must have been clear by now, I am not welcoming it. So what is the not so normal circumstance??

After facing a lot of pressure to buy an AC to beat the heat at home, I finally bought one 2 weeks back. And just when I began to fully experience the coolness inside, the monsoon has decided to rob me of the pleasure :(. I should have listened to some saner voices and bought the AC much earlier :D

That is the matter of India !

But keeping in mind the "larger interests of the nation", let us welcome the monsoon that has come soon :-)