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From roadside eateries to star hotels; from breakfast to midnight biryanis; and from mexican cuisine to hyderabadi; this blog attempts to provide you short reviews for all the places I have eaten so far in Hyderabad!

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Needless to say, there will be continous updates, and the list is never final! Happy eating!

PS: My apologies to the vegetarians, I very rarely eat veg outside :), so very few recommendations!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Gourmet Baklava

After a holiday in Turkey, we fell in love with their food – their starters, main courses and ofcourse their Baklava! So imagine our surprise when a Turkish sweet shop, named Gourmet Baklava, opened up in Hyderabad! Thrilled that such a shop was opened, we went there only to get our second surprise 😊 – the cost! Baklavas are priced at nearly 2000 rupees a kg! Turkish Coffee has a distinct taste, and this place does serve authentic Turkish coffee. However, the downside again is the high price!


They had a huge billboard advertisement on the Khairatabad flyover about a bun, and we were intrigued by it. Therefore we landed up in their Jubilee Hills restaurant. The plan bun costs 170 rupees. 170 rupees for a bun!! But then we came till here, so we might as well order the bun! And once the bun came, oh boy! What a fantastic taste the bun had. It was just melting in your mouth! That said, still find the cost quite high and so haven’t gone back to this place again!


I have been a fan of starbucks for many years, and happiness knew no bounds when they were opening up in Hyderabad. Extra Hot Caf̩ Latte and Extra Hot Vanilla Latte are my regular coffees! Even when a new variety is on offer, I will only prefer to try these out because of the refreshing feeling they bring to the mind! In addition to this, their food options are also quite good. Egg White Croissant, Egg and Ham wrap, grilled chicken sandwich Рall go very well with the Latte! Hail Starbucks!

Haven’t been to this place but placed a lot of online orders for tiffins, on lazy Sunday mornings! Their chutney that comes along with the Idli is awesome 😊. It has the right amount of spice, that many big restaurants also miss! You should also try out their Upma Dosa, along with this chutney! Your Sunday will be awesome after this!

King's Drive IN

Sambar Rice with chicken. Eat their Sambar rice with chicken! What a dish! This is basically a drive IN place (resembling a food court), where you have multiple restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Their Dosa counter is quite good, but sometimes they use so much ghee that it overpowers everything else! Did I tell you to eat their Sambar rice with chicken?

Frio Bistro

This must rank as one of the best European places in Hyderabad (that also serves Gachibowli Fried Chicken 😝). Both their Minestrone soup and Mushroom soup are very good. The Prawn and Fish paella is my favorite dish here. You can have this along with the Artichoke and Baby Corn A la plancha. Artichoke is generally not served at many places so it was a pleasure to see this here! We had also tried sandwiches, risottos and pasta – all of them were quite good and nothing to complain about!


Never been to their place, but placed so many orders online from them, that I lost count! And I repeat just one order – Grilled Mushroom Edi Bowl! What an awesome idea this bowl is! You get all kinds of great ingredients, the right amount of spice and cream, and the edible crust! The bowl is light yet filling, and that’s the best part of it. I have also tasted their pizza and wrap, but I went back to the bowl, because like I said, what an awesome idea!

Punjab Grill

Located very close to the Jubilee Hills Check Post, the ambience of this place doesn’t resemble anything Punjabi 😉. However, the food resembles a lot of Punjabi! It would be sacrilege if you walk into a Punjabi restaurant and not eat Butter Chicken! Their butter chicken was quite tasty. The place serves buffet and ala carte, and we chose to go with the buffet. I actually found the salad options to be quite tasty and good. Starters were served on the table, and the tandoor chicken varieties tasted the best! Butter chicken stood out for me, in the main course. But the best part was the parting shot – a Pan Shot! I’d go back again only for this perhaps!

The Buffet - GVK Mall

Visited this place only one time, after a movie that ended at 9:30pm! Was actually going up to eat at Khaan Saab, only to come to know that they have closed! The Buffet was suggested instead, and the place was quite big. Their buffet menu is also quite exhaustive but nothing that stood out – there was more of the stape varieties that we get in the buffets these days! Nevertheless, one will not be disappointed if you go here to have lunch.

Burger King

Well, if it is Burger King then you got to write only about the Burgers 😉! But I have even tried their wraps, which were quite good! So you can pick any kind of burger you want or the wrappers – you will leave the place with a happy tummy!

Smokey House

Located right opposite the Raheja IT park, the accessibility of this place to 1000s of hungry souls is quite good! Their concept is similar to the Barbeque places that have come up around the city in recent times. Their food is also equally tasty! All of their starters that they serve on the barbeque on your table taste quite good. The fish and prawns especially stand out. I also liked their grilled mushrooms a lot (ordered multiple of those!). Their main course was also equally impressive – especially their mutton dishes. In the three times I have been here, liked their mutton dish the most! In desserts, they serve a pineapple jalebi which was quite innovative (and tasty)!

Tim Tai

True to their attractive name, they also offer an attractive menu of Asian cuisine. The Tom Yum soup here is as good as it can get for us 😊.  For starters, their steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf is one of their best dishes. The Dimsum platter (both veg and non-veg) are super light, and tasty too. Similar to Calamari dish, they have tempura squid too. I’ve had the Thai Chilli Basil noodles and Khao Pad rice during one visit. Nothing to complain about 😊. However, what stood out in a later visit was the Thai Massaman Curry and Malaysian Rendang Curry for the main course! These dishes were again as good as they could get!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi

Sudden lunch plans are always good. Been to this place with colleagues after hearing from it from others! This is a small place in Kondapur, and they offer limited but a tasty buffet. Starters are served on table, and we ordered multiple servings of their Tawa Fish! It was very tasty. In their main course, Butter Chicken was quite tasty, and their desserts of phirni, gulab jamun etc were also quite good. Their ambiance has the typical notice boards we would find in a dhaba, and there was a flash dance that the waiters did too! Been here only once though. 

Cafe Eclat

One fine morning, friends in a whatsapp group were talking about Bagels. And then I got into the desperate mood to eat a Bagel. And the only place that came to my mind was Café Eclat! Their bagels – plain sesame or pizza bagel – are as good as we get in the Western countries too. Not just this, am also a fan of their Sourdough Bread too! Also had their Four Cheese Pizza and I would highly recommend this too. I had their Tiramisu too, but didn’t like it as much. This place has good sandwiches and burgers too, and is worth a visit. 

United Kitchens of India

True to the name, this restaurant serves food from various states of India . They have a very diverse menu, and it is preferable to go in larger groups so that more variety can be tried. Their Chapala vepudu, kodi pakodi, cheese corn lollypops, Bhetki fry, and Tangdi kabab stand out in the starters. For main course, pretty much everything we have tried over multiple visits have tasted quite good. From Gongura Mamsam to Mutton Pulav, from Luchi with Macher Jhol, From Butter Chicken to Sambar Rice, we have enjoyed all their dishes. For the variety they offer and the location that they are in, their dishes are quite reasonably priced too!