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Friday, November 28, 2008

Open Letter to the Prime Minister...

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
If there is one person in this country who can create a federal agency, then it is you Mr. Prime Minister. And last night, instead of announcing the creation of such an agency, you tell us there is a "need for it". Mr. Prime Minister, if you did not feel the urge to take such an important step even yesterday, then I don't know what is the right time sir.

Sir, today I am not even in the mood to use strong words to underline the kind of failures that have gone into the making of this massacre. Neither I am confident enough that you understand the implications of the inaction of your government in dealing with them. Every time, your Home Minister and the party took refuge in the fact that there have been attacks in the previous regime too.

I just fail to understand when and where such a complacency has crept into our system. I fail to understand how one mistake can be used as justification to commit it again and again. I fail to understand how you can tell us we will not "bow to the terrorists" when that is what we have been doing all along sir.

Your speech to the nation was just un-inspiring. There was no new information in it. Your tone was just plain all throught, and the whole speech was just bereft of any emotion.

Sir, 25 terrorists just decided to hold the entire nation to ransom and we are all just speechless. The lack of leadership is so evident that we are all just speechless. The lack of co-ordination between so many agencies have left so many people speechless for life. And here you are sir, telling us there is a "need for better co-ordination".

There is something called accountability. That is how people's capabilities are measured. When something goes wrong, as a citizen, I have every right to know why it went wrong. What action has been taken against the guilty? After dozens of attacks and thousands of lives lost, are we still not in a position to pinpoint who is the culprit within the system? Are you telling us that no one in the system has done anything wrong and these attacks are just happening?

These moments are true test of leadership skills. We would have felt assured if some police officer, intelligence official, customs officer was sacked when previous attacks happened. Not as a token, but as a punishment. Punishment for putting people's life at peril. That's how accountability creeps into the system. Not by saying that this was a mistake. Not when that mistake is repeated umpteen times. Under your watch.

Sir, Your Home Minister enlightens us by saying that this is not the time for blame game. Can you please ask him to let us know what is the right time, so that we will be prepared for that debate. And that debate, we will win. Hands Down.

Final Question. Does your Home Minister still have the "blessings" of his leader?
Best Regards,
S.Sudhir Kumar

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