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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Strange are the ways...

Monday morning i was lazily walking in my home.... a small rat peeps out from a corner and before I could react it runs fastly into some corner.

Now, first thing is that I am scared of rats! Don't ask why :D Second thing is that I cant live with the thought that a rat will walk over my leg some time!! Anyways, I told my mom of the crisis and left for office. And I ask her what happened to the rat, after I came back.

And then she starts scolding me... for a while I didn't understand! This stupid rat apparently went into my book shelf.... and in the excitement to catch it, the servant lady opened that shelf and the rat jumped out. And then my mom saw how "neatly" I maintained it!! There were bills from 2 years, notes, scribbles.. abboooo what not ! This saturday I am supposed to clean it up. Argh!

Strange are the ways these stupid animals affect my life :-(

By the way, this rat slowly walks to the door in the hall today morning... sees it is not open and waits in a corner for us to open it! And it runs the minute we open it !! haa! I am proud that I could scare off a rat with my "neatness" !!

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Anish Goyal, India said...

hope dear auntie didn't see the love letters u exchanged with ur gfs ;)