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Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes, they did !

And how! 349 vs 160! I mean, by any standards, that's huge!

The whole thing actually looks like a perfect script for a movie, or a fiction novel. Someone who was unknown beyond Chicago ( the city revives too good memories for me... maybe I will pen them down some day!) just 5 years ago could garner the strength to fight for the highest office of his land, and succeed in his quest. That too big time.

Obama's strength does not lie in his self belief, but in his ability to propagate effectively what he thinks. His strength does not just lie in rhetoric but in his articulation. And his strength does not lie in experience but in the lack of it!

Obama gave hope to everyone across the world. What he is going to do, how he is going to do it - we will have to wait and watch. But what matters right now is how he got to this position. And by getting to this position, he made sure that he will remain as an inspiration to hundreds of politicians across the world, thousands of aspiring public servants around the world and lakhs of people across the continents!

Obama bought a whiff of fresh air with him. Infact whiff might be a small word to use. A hurricane of Change might be more apt. His success story will surely be a brilliant case study as to how one can build on their strengths, use technology to their best advantage, spend wisely on campaigning and articulate the policies!

Well, finally here's my question - If they can, why can't we? Or I guess the more pertinent question will be - When will we?

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