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Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 years ...

"With five 0's, use any mathematical operation and get the result as 120". A senior asked me thus! And this is the only question I remember from my ragging period! The other stuff was not worth remembering though ;-) Now, if you are wondering why I am writing this...

Exactly on this day 10 years ago, I joined engineering :-) And just last night, when Sandeep, Venky, Sallu bhai and me went to pick up Sripad bhai from the airport (ohh btw, the Outer Ring Road is nice!), it was impossible to believe 10 years have just passed!

On November 23, 1998 when I came back home from college after a not so eventful first day, my younger brother was waiting in anticipation at home. He excitedly asked me, " So, were you ragged today?" !!! I mean, who asks with excitement?!?! And when I told him nothing happened, he was like.. "ohh...nothing happened aa" !! It took about a month for me to get used to all class mates and.... what a journey it has been since then!

The walk to Secret Lake ( more famously known as Durgam Cheruvu!) for the new year; the first time we bunked college and played cricket; the first time when our class won a inter-batch cricket competition; the first anniversary celebrations in Indira park; the formation of MCC; cricket, 5 days out of 7 in a week; the freshers party we gave; the spirited fight we put up with the staff; the tiff with the HoD; the debate with the Principal; the boycott which even bought the Chairman to come and talk to us; the "Industrial" trip to Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty; our weekly trip/picnic to the college when it shifted to Sangareddy; playing only cricket in the new campus; the midnight efforts to get the printing of our reports done; the combined study; the xeroxing of notes; the experience of doing a project in DRDO; and last but never the least the final trip to Nagarjunasagar! Surely, we could not have asked for more.

For the first anniversary celebrations, I still remember how the whole college ridiculed our idea of assembling at Lumbini, then walk to Indira park and play there! And the next day, when we went to college, everyone were just jealous of the kind of fun we had!! All that the other batches did was to cut cake! haa - we cut the cake and ate it too :D :D :D.

The debates for the fresher partywe had; the designs Rajesh Mohan came up with for the posters ( which created a rage! ); the fun we had ( though another batch beat us at that :( ).

And everyone who was there will unanimously agree that the "industrial" tour is the best part of the whole 4 years! 5 days of just not bothering about anything! And a life long of memories associated with that trip!

My best memory - Our English sir, Varadachari came to me and told - "You are a burden on the society, commit suicide!!" This, I wil, l never forget!

Though it will sound cliche, the friendships I have made and the people I have met continue to play a influential part in life and I feel so nice to have been associated with them!

Our old building in Madhapur has been demolished last month :-( , but the spirit it gave to us can never be! Here's celebrating a beautiful experience!

PS: btw .. if you are still raking your heads as to how you will get 120 with five 0's.... muhahahah... ( 0! +0! +0!+ 0! + 0! )! = 120


Prabhod said...

Sallee.. you LIED TO MEE!!!...this is such a disappointment... i don't know if I should be happy that you got Ragged or sad that you told me that you didn't get ragged.

Anish Goyal, India said...

ur one of the best blogs ever!
reminded me of my college days :-))

ur bro is really bugged up with u!!

Satyapriya Das said...

Sudhir Garu, you rock.

Teja said...

Cut chesinaka Sagam cake nuvve tinu vuntavu ra...doubt ledu. Good blog man..I was is it really 10 years since we graduated...some how we made it. Man what an experience.

Prabhod...veedu neeto baga pekadu...

Sinnuu... said...

Anna....It's a nice post and the best part is ur english sir's curse....entha darunamga aadukoni unte aaa maata antaru.....hahhahaha.....