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Friday, November 21, 2008

This and that ...

1. What is the BJP doing ?? Is it going crazy these days? I mean, why is it hell bent on spreading hatred, and arousing unnecessary passions? What the "saadhvi" and the army guy did is not excusable at all... I mean, how can you even think of supporting them in the name of religion?? Why? I mean why ???

2. I was watching Rahul Gandhi deliver an election speech yesterday. Could it have been any more boring?!?! I mean, the way he talks is a different issue, but what he talks also has so little content !! For someone who has been meeting so many people, he sure looks like a very slow learner!! I somehow can't take it when other leaders project him as our future... one media channel went upto the extent of asking us - is he our Obama??? NOOOOOOOOOOOO....HE IS NOTT !

3. Speaking of media, it seems to be having a field day with the Malegaon blasts. This is like that Aarushi case. I lost interest in what they were reporting, though it is very important. And what they are doing is giving us an overdose, having those ridiculous politicians react and create more confusion in the minds of people. Should it not be balancing the news to cover them other burning issues too? Well, that's what all of us say ... the media just doesn't do that!

4. AP politics are heating up. Congress is going all out, using the best possible incendiary language to attack its opponents. TDP is pulling all stops to get back to power - Chandrababu Naidu just isn't stopping from promising anything and everything! Chiranjeevi is confused by the day... he is not knowing whether he should be thrilled by the response he is getting, or he should be afraid that he STILL does not have an organisation in place! Other small parties - well, let's not talk about them here!

5. Somehow after watching a India - Australia series, I don't find the enthu to see other series. They seem too trivial :D !

6. ok... i will stop now !

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