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Sunday, November 2, 2008

How thankless we can get!

A couple of bad test matches and we are baying for Kumble's blood. Well, atleast he is not the first legend to face such undeserving criticism. To most of us, >600 wickets doesn't matter. 18 years of masterly art doesn't matter. True statesmanship in the sport doesn't matter. All that matters is today. How thankless we can get!

Anil Kumble encompasses all that a sport should stand for. Lethal in his attack, sublime in his manners. Sincere in his commitment, and steadfast in his execution. Proud in his participation and upfront in his leadership.

We could not have asked for a better person to represent India and we could not have asked for a better fortune to have watched him demolish opponent after opponent, year after year. No wonder he is called Jumbo!

Just like we haven't been able to find a replacement for Kapil Dev, I don't think we will ever get anyone to replace Kumble - the gentle gaint!

The least we can say to him - Thank you :-)


SysErr said...

Good one.

kiran said...

Adding to what Sudhir said..

I remember Kumble in HERO CUP Vs WI where he got 6 wickets and India went on to win the Series..
From the Day Kumble's flippers are threat to the Opponents..

10 on 10 Vs Pak was remarkable effort and Im glad its on Jumbo's Name..

Later part of this Career, He was much more determined towards his batting showing solid rigidity especially his last tour of Auses 2008..

Hats-Off to his fair game and truly no one can replace Kumble.

Kiran Venkat (Cindy)