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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a reaction ...

The first 60 hours of the Mumbai attack were horrifying. The next 60 hours are turning out to be even more horrifying. While the first 60 hours were spent praying for the safe return of the hostages and the commandos, the second 60 hours have been spent praying why we chose such leaders in the first place.

When asked if he offered his resignation to Sonia Gandhi, Vilasrao Deshmukh tells the journalist, " I am explaining in understandable language. I know you can understand. I have faith in your intelligence." You know what Mr. Deshmukh, we don't have faith in your intelligence. So just go. Please.

Kerala CM went one step further. When snubbed by the father of a martyr, he seems to have lost his thinking balance. Apparently, my fellow country men, "If it were not for Sandeep, even a dog would not have glanced at his house." He doesn't stop there. He wants the father "to have the sense to understand things". You know what Mr. Achutanandan, we want you to have the "common sense" of respecting people's sentiments. You are anyway not capable of doing better things, so asking for respect is not too much I guess. So just apologize. Please.

P. Chidambaram tells us in all "honesty", he was reluctant to take this job, but since his leaders decided, he is answering to his call of duty. I am just thrilled at knowing that my new Home Minister is as disinclined to work as the old one. You know what Mr. Chidambaram, when election time comes, I will answer my call of duty. Without reluctance. That is the least I can do.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi derides "lipstick" ladies. Now, anyway all that has been done by the politicians was lip service while dealing with terrorism. And now they are even out of words to describe the tragedies. You know what Mr. Naqvi. Just close your lips. Please.

I wont even mention what RR Patil said. This was similar to what YSR said after the Hyderabad blasts ( he called then a "stray incident") . Well, there have been so many incidents in the country that people have forgotten what he said.

It just beats me how the leaders can get angry on us. It beats me. You expect us to be calm? Well, here's what we expect you to do - ACT.

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Teja said...

What you said and what every Indian would ask from its leaders is simply one thing - ACT. Every time a terrorist attack happens, the only thing our leadership knows is to summon the Pakistani ambassador and give him a list of terrorists we want. I think this is like a procedure defined in the constitution, that every leader should do after a terrorist attck. Now, what Pakistan would do..simply tell us we don't have hard evidence that they are involved. I fail to understand What hard evidence would they need, when a captured terrorist tells that he is a PAKISTANI.

I am frustrated like hell and I hope atleast now..these bunch of ****** we elected do something. I think we just need to take control of POK. I promise you...if they attack POK and the Indian governament gives me a gun and asks me to fight..I will do so without second thought.