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Friday, October 31, 2008

The spectre of Corruption...

First, a little background. Surya Rao is a minister from East Godavari district in AP. Diwakar Reddy is a minister from Anantapur district. As has been the practice from a long, a minister from one district is appointed as incharge of another district. Diwakar Reddy is the incharge minister of East Godavari district, from which Surya Rao is a minister.

Now for the news: Surya Rao, called a press conference and Diwakar Reddy of siphoning of Rs.7crores from funds meant for his district.

For people in living in AP or for those who closely follow the politics of AP, this might not be "news". For we are all used to hearing about corruption in this government. Most of the time we hear about amounts for which ordinary people like you and me cannot even count the number of zeroes!!!

But this particular case is very disturbing in nature. One minister is accusing another minister of corruption!!! Not an opposition member or a disgruntled enemy. A minister. These people have sworn oath to the constitution, which like it or not, is the ultimate authority in our country. These people have affirmed that they will live upto the ideals of the foundations on which our country was found.And these same people are fighting on the streets.
And as is his wont, the Chief Minister just rubbished off this fight too, and said everything has been "settled". What was "settled", we will never know. How it was "settled", we will never know.

All we know is that this spectre of corruption will surely not end here.


Stella said...
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Stella said...

Death oh sorry Corruption is inevitable!! :)

Prabhod said...

we know what happen...3.5 went to diwakar and 3.5 went to surya...