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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's say Tata to Mamta!

"Tata babu, you might be saying Nano Nano, but we will keep saying No-No, No-No". So thundered Mamta Banerjee in one of her 'fiery' speeches. However, one point is always amiss in her speeches - logic!

I was watching TV yesterday ( had to switch it on by geting up from bed because a friend insisted I see how shabbily the anchor maintained her hair!!!), and the channel was covering from Singur, interviewing the affected families after the shutdown. People, while talking to the reporter, started crying. Their only source of livelihood now gone. Some were watchmen, some others did other jobs in the plant. All gone now. The reason - Mamta Banerjee.

We live in a democracy, and majority opinion counts. However, that is in no way implying that we don't care for the minority. They have to be adequately compensated too. It is however difficult to satisfy everybody. The left parties still think in terms of old times, and therefore for them to allow Tata to set up a plant is a leap in itself. For all the opposition I generally have against the left parties, one argument I am NOT willing to buy is that they did not offer an adequate package. They are a very pro-poor, pro-farmer party, and I believe they would have offered nice packages.

And w.r.t Tata's, Jamshedpur is the perfect example of how they take care of the town they function in. What better example did you need Mamta ji?

Mamta ji, you are now clearly responsible for removing the cogs of the wheel that was moving towards industrial development in Bengal.
Maybe it is time for us to say "Tata to Mamta".

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