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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was walking up the stairs ( or standing on the escalator - whatever! ) with friends. Now this friend says Hi to another friend of his! This guy asks - "So, are you also going to Kidnap because you didn't get tickets for any other movie?". Now that is what I call a bad omen..... and while walking into the theater, only hoped that the omen was false. Alas! It was not to be.
A multi-crore home in Mumbai does NOT have a caller ID. You will get confused between the heroine and her mom. Both of them compete in styles of dressing, make-up and dialogue delivery. Ah... the dialogues. Akanksha was telling that the script writer might have dozed off while writing. I think in that process his brain also slipped from his knee to the ankle, thus rendering it more ineffective!The heroine after getting kidnapped wears skimpier clothes! Imran Khan has only one expression all throught the movie. Maybe he will be given the "Best Static Expression" of the year award. And when the heroine requests for more water to bath - guess where she is taken?! To the beach.... yes! to the beach!!
So, there you are. Heroine and her mom at their competitive best in dressing in adverse circumstances. Kidnapper at his static best in all circumstances. Father at his ridiculous best in any circumstance.
And I guarantee you , you will at best be confused! :D

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Teja said...

With the review you have given, I can't wait to watch it. Kidnapper seems to have solved the problem plaguing Hyderabad. Time to hit TANKBUND baby.