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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here's "Vish"ing him more glory....

I don't mean to belittle the T-20 win, but somehow being the "world" champion of a game that is actively played in 8 countries pales in comparision to being crowned the world champion of a game in its purest form. That too thrice.

That's Viswanathan Anand for us! For a game that originated in our country ages ago, it was not befitting not to have a world champion for so long. Anand has single handedly bought back the glory that truly should belong to us. For more than 20 years, he has consistenly performed on the world stage, fought the Russian domination with gusto, silenced his critics ( funny right, that even he should be answering critics!) and most importantly inspired so many of today's youngsters. So much that I even lost count of the number of Grandmasters we have!

And by the way, lest I didn't stress on this point too much, ending the Russian Domination is no mean thing. It's just phenomenal. Maybe that is a small word too. Kramnik is no small opponent. He beat Kasporov too! True glory to the country in this sport has been attained today!

In a country that is obssesed with the kind of haristyle's sportspersons maintain, or the kind of dresses they wear on field and off, Anand has shown to us how single mindedly focussing on the sport with minimal "extra curricular" activities could bring glories to the country.

It feels brilliant to have been there to see him play and win.

Here's "Vish"ing him more glory....


Anish Goyal, India said...

quite true!
anand is simply great...awesome genius.

I have played with one of those younger GMs India was Tania Sachdev. she played rapid fire with 15 people and defeated all!

Zenvet_Intellectuals said...

Anand is a champion in true sense,for not only carving a name for himself
in this cricket crazy nation, but also being world champion in a game which has been dominated by Russians for almost 4 decades.