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Monday, October 27, 2008

Violence as part of daily life..

Right from the black and white era, there has always been a satire in our movies in which one of the character will open up a newspaper and read only death related news and then sigh with exasperation. I used to always think it is an overdose and does not clearly reflect the situation in the country.

How I wish I still can think in the same way. Day after day, week after week, most of the news is indeed about violence that erupts in some part of the country or the other. Violence that could have been prevented in the first place; violence that could have been curbed while it was happening; and violence that could have been prevented from spreading. Be it any state, and be it any reason, it is truly a very sad reflection of our collective intelligence that we let such violent perverts take over the law and order of the land.

So many of us keep on protesting against such indecent and cheap methods to make one's point, but all that protest is lost in the world of "vote bank" politics. The only people who have to listen to us refuse to do so, taking shelter in the fact they will lose elections and thereby power if they do the right thing. What use is the power of, when you cannot ensure the safety of innocent civilians. What we need and what we look for in people who are in power is action; not just an analysis of why the same event keeps repeating again.

To counter argue that the previous governments were also not very efficient is ver childish in nature. While dealing with lives of people, how long can the state and central governments blame each other and then do nothing about it. The fear factor that is gripping the country is undoubtedly detrimental in nature. I simply fail to understand what it is that is stopping the police from acting tough; what it is that is stopping the politicians from acting tough; and above all what it is that is stopping the Home Minister from acting tough!

There are so many times that I feel so helpless. Are we really safe from the whims and fancies of leaders whose only sense of duty stems from the fact that they want power, only power and nothing else. Alas, the only thing I can do is write and protest. And live in hope that I don't lose hope that the system will change.

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