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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese Bandi - Anytime, anywhere :) !

Well,not anytime given that they "operate" in the night ;-) ! But anywhere... yeah!! Simple menu, high quality! No need to break your head to choose what to eat! Food for thought is not required here ;-) (ok, I know it is a PJ, but couldn't resist!) Each place has its unique taste, and needless to say all are equally good.

The amazing thing is the successful business model it creates! The revnue it generates is also quite impressive for the owners! One of them I know built a house in his village!

Ask me if you need some quick guidances, because most of the places I eat are in gullies and it is kind of difficult to explain them here!!

By the way, here's the perennial question that keeps bothering me: Wonder when the Chinese will get the idea of opening Indian bandi's? :D !!


nikhil said...

I had once on such a bandi in Madhapur and was bed ridden for next seven days..people started saying that i was infected with chicken guniya.

God save all those who eat on such unhygenic bandis :)

Sandeep said...

Heyy Nikhil I agree with the unhygenic stuff but there r few good ones too like one in KPHB main road besides bus stop which we used to frequent to in college days.......hygiene was never an issue with that bandi......but one of our friends ended up with Acidity for rest of his life ;)

Teja said...

I agree with Sandep. Though there are some unhygenic bandis out there, think about how many people are having at how many places. Think about conditions under which we have the sugar cane juice and pani poori. Thank god nothing ever happened to me. The point I want to make is that its not usual to get sick eating at those places. The best example is the blog owner himself.

Nikhil, you don't get chickenugunya by eating at those places, atleast not that I know of. It spreads from bites of mosquitos carrying that virus. So, please don't blame the bandis for chickenguniya.

Sandeep, I think your friend ending with acidity was not from eating at these bandis. Why? a lot of other people in the group didn't get it.

Uaully NRI's visiting India take care not eat at those places, not to drink outside for good reasons obviously. But, for me nobody can stop me having food at these places and nothing ever happened to me even being there after 3.5 years.

I am not saying they are unhygenic and you don't get diseases at those places. But, its your responsibilty to pick where you eat. So, just go out there and eat.