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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Point never touched ...

At first I found the drama gripping. Then towards the climax, found it a little perplexing, and while coming out of the theater I started thinking. A Wednesday is getting good reviews not because of its drama, but because of its central theme. And more importantly, nobody ever touched this theme before. The anger of the "stupid" common man.

While it is a fact that we are reminded many a times about the suffering of the victims of terror attacks, never has the anger and fear of the common man been captured so well in mass media. Alll we hear is "the city limps back to normalcy". "The city ka citizens become resillient the very next day". And I realised this was far from true the very next day after the Hyderabad bomb blasts. Riding my bike the very next morning was a totally different experience which I cannot express and cannot forget too.

Some people might argue that the movie might be a little far fetched in showing a common man doing so many things, however the moot point to be noted is that the actual emotion of him has been the central point in the film.

Anyway, we can write on and on. Such meaningful movies will keep the debate going on. And it is necessary too, for it reminds us of our duty to remain vigilant.

ohh, and by the way, this may seem insignificant now, but I watched A Wednesday on a wednesday :D :D. So much for now ... need to sleep, it's already thursday :D


Utsav said...

i second ur view! :-D

Anish Goyal, India said...

True. This has become horrible...I remember about 15 or more years back, in my home town a "single" blast happened just near the bust stand. Bomb was planted in a scooter...! the very news was shocking. I felt like how it can happen...a bomb in a scooter in main market area. That's so unsafe.
Last year blasts happened in Lumbini park..again a very public place. Mind boggling.
But now, it has become a phenomenon...just to be accepted :-( and aggravated by our complete mindless politicos.

yesterday read an article on how SIMI transformed from a group of sincere and honest people to today's IM. The credit goes to events like "babri masjid demolition", then ban of SIMI.

nikhil said...

The most important thing he wanted to prove here was that he was not doing anything for some revenge.He had not lost any relatives or friends in the blast but just he being a common man wanted to see the city safe and sound and in well-being.He wanted to move freely on the same roads for which he pays the taxes too and the best part was that noone can decide by pressing a button that when he shall die.So he has taken up the operating of cleaning the city`s prison!! right on spot!!

Teja said...

I think the point was conveyed very well. The best part is when he says somebody else doesn't get to decide when we die.

I am sure the government has to do a lot more, but lets do our part by being more vigilant at public places.