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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Blessings of his leader" ???

"It was available with us in Delhi also. But what was not available was the timing, the place and the method to be used for the purpose" - Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India.

Maybe the terrorists have to apologize to him for not publishing their time table. Next time, they will surely take care of it I guess.

Now, let us dissect his comments more. He tells us in the interview, that he "had information about the possibility of a terror attack in the capital even before Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi conveyed it (to the PM)."

Ok. Modi met the PM 10 days back. So worst case, let's assume Patil had the information 1 day before that. So, for a full 11 days, the IB just had information that Delhi will be the target. Isn't that something that needs to be worked on? Did Patil call for meetings and discuss the possibility of how the attacks might be triggered instead of waiting for the " timing, the place and the method"? Did Patil discuss threadbare with the IB whether all the information has been shared with the state police and whether proper follow up action is taking place?

Bomb blasts have become a regular occurrence. Serial blasts that too. So, instead of just rubbishing the opposition demands for POTA etc, why doesn't he come up with possible solutions? Does it take 4.5 years to think about how to counter? It is an acceptable fact that these attacks cannot be totally prevented, but the frequency with which they have been occurring will put any nation to shame.

Ok, let's get back to his statements. "My party's ethos is to do justice and to see it is done in a manner that contains and controls criminal and terror activities, and at the same time does not give any opportunity to human rights violation,? What is he trying to tell us? That he runs an organization that cannot come up with credible evidence of involvement of people? What human rights violations are we talking about here? In your interest of seeing to it that you don't lose votes, you will not bother to arrest suspects also. And then they go about planning these attacks, killing people. And yet somehow we talk about human rights violation. haa!

Finally, "I have the full blessings of my leader". The question asked was "Do you have the confidence of your leader?". A simple answer would be, "Yes, I believe so". or "Yes, I have the full confidence of my leader". But no. He chooses to ridiculously twist the statement and tell us, "he has the blessings of his leader". Now, it is left to anybody's guess if he was referring to the Prime Minister or the president of his party when he said "leader" !

And lest he didn't realise - Ultimately, what is important is that he should have the "blessings" of the people, not of the leader.

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