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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mr. PM, Do you have the guts... sack your Home Minister?
If you are still further looking for proof to sack him from the job, then I pity your position sir. I am so pissed off at him that I don't even want to write about him. Apparently, he was "sorry for whatever happened" last night in Delhi. You know what sir - we are sorry that we have such an incompetent Home Minister who only comes up with new words each time there is a blast, but never comes up with a new solution.
So Mr. Prime Minister, as a concerned citizen, I challenge you sir. Do you have the guts to sack your Home Minister?


Sandeep said...

I completely agree with the fact that this Government has been incompetent in the most critical and high profile area of Indian security. I have never seen such a dumb founded approach by people at helm of affairs even for a minor squabble at a school or college level between students. There is no accountability for this man Mr.Shivraj Patil who I suppose is best suited for only that kind of job where one needs to maintain a register for attendance or ledger portfolio etc. PM and Home Minister together by their response to these dastardly terrororist attacks are only highlighting their spineless attitude of just wait n matter what matter the country goes through vicious terror matter scores of men die every other week in every other city town village of our country.......sorry folks but this is not done!!!!!

I also wonder if the Govt. during the nuclear deal talks atleast raise the point of attacking/cleaning the terror breeding regions in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with US administration. When Mr.Bush can ask his troops to swoop Waziristan region to combat terrorism which for him is not more than maybe a decade or two old then why not Mr.Singh cite the same reasons for a nagging problem of half a century old.

Mr.Patil and Mr.Singh I do not even hate you guys. You are not even worth that anymore.

Teja said...

I think he doesn't have the guts as well as the permission of MADAM Sonia.

The more I think, the more I hate these politicians. But at the same time I am here not doing anything other than pointing fingers at politicians. So, I will not comment anymore on it.

Lastly, I just want to say let's just unleash our army and bomb all the terror camps in POK. Just smoke those cowards out of OUR KASHMIR.