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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The "New" un "clear" deal !

1st Fact: There is a document circulating in the US.
2nd Fact: That document was written by the White House to the US Congress.
3rd Fact: There are some portions of the document that don't match with what was agreed between India and US.
4th Fact: The state department has asked that the document be kept a secret.
5th Fact: Anil Kakodkar says he knew about this document and the fact that this has to be kept a secret.
6th Fact: Yet Kapil Sibal has the guts to tell us that the document is NOT a secret!
7th Fact: Kapil Sibal also said once “That the U.S. can live without this agreement, there is no doubt. That India should live without this agreement is certainly a matter of debate”. You can read the full article
here, and my questions here.

Now, if the document has no binding on US, then why on earth would the US come up with it?? It might have as well saved some paper :D. If the document is binding on the US, then obviously it will have to override the bi-lateral agreement. So, we will be in a position where we might have to toe along the US line. Technically, we are not "bound" by the document, but then it doesn't require a genius to figure out the contrary!

So, whom is Bush cheating? His Congress? Our country? If Anil Kakodkar knew about this document, then the PM also must have know about it. Was this document discussed threadbare then? Of course, we will never be told all this in the interest of "national security". And then, very convieniently, the topic will get diverted to "energy security", with the new "youth icon" telling us that the deal will help Kalavati's son become a collector.

And before we forget, will Mr.Kakodkar please have the decency to tell us how many more such documents exist? And will the PM atleast now come and talk to the people of the country, while Madam mulls over when to conduct elections ( with the inflation "stabilizing" at 12%, apparently people are now happy )!

Final Fact: There is always something new in this deal, but the deal is never clear to us. Such is the state of this "Newclear" deal !


stella said...

Well said!! This whole "Newclear" deal seems to be getting murkier by the day as Kakodkar and Sibal passed controversial statements. One says we will walk away if it harms India and the other says there is no turning back by trying to cover the dirt. It is high time our Singh the King comes and tells his people whats going on!!

Sripad said...

Sudhir bhai,

who is Anil Kakodkar? Aur Kalavati kaun hai baap?