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From roadside eateries to star hotels; from breakfast to midnight biryanis; and from mexican cuisine to hyderabadi; this blog attempts to provide you short reviews for all the places I have eaten so far in Hyderabad!

Without much further ado, if you are looking for reviews of restaurants in Hyderabad by Alphabetic order(I have 228 so far!),
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Needless to say, there will be continous updates, and the list is never final! Happy eating!

PS: My apologies to the vegetarians, I very rarely eat veg outside :), so very few recommendations!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Haven’t been to this place but placed a lot of online orders for tiffins, on lazy Sunday mornings! Their chutney that comes along with the Idli is awesome 😊. It has the right amount of spice, that many big restaurants also miss! You should also try out their Upma Dosa, along with this chutney! Your Sunday will be awesome after this!

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