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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I don't know ....

I don't know.... u know... I have been thinking about it for a few days... and I still dont know!

Now I know that you dont know what I dont know .... hehehehehe... ok ok... let's get to topic...

Slumdog Millionaire is attracting a lot of criticism ... that India was shown in poor light, it is not about slums etc etc. That's when I started thinking.... how would one show India? It is too big, too complicated, too intricate, too complex to potray everything in a single movie. A Sarkar Raj represents a part of India. A Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham represents another small part. A Chak de talks about an important issue, a taare zameen par throws light onto something else. A Slumdog too represents part of India, and it is the sad truth that such poverty does exist. India is not just about Taj... but that is a must visit for any traveller. Or for that matter, Hyderabad is not just about biryani ... well... actually it is :D :D. let's leave it there then!

So basically, i dont know whether we can make a 3 hour movie and say.... this is what India is about! So, to all those critics of Slumdog there... any ideas on this front? What is the India you would wish to see potrayed?

The movie in itself is technically very sound... ofcourse there are some obvious flaws, but in the whole context of things maybe it's ok :-) ! And ohh btw... we should make sure the Oscar jury listens to Rehman's other songs. They will die out of guilt for not recognizing this talent for so long ! Slumdog's music will not even be in his top 10 list ... but to get to slumdog, rehman carved out some real beauties and for that... he deserves the Oscar ( or maybe the Oscars deserve him too :D ) !

Speaking of the deserving ... well, I don't know if Akshay Khanna, Aishwarya Rai.... all deserve Padma Shri awards... maybe the criteria got redefined at some point of time .. I don't know ! Who's next now?!


appu said...

These are exactly my thoughts, mama! It's high time people took films objectively and enjoy them for what they are rather than read too deep a meaning into them.

Slumdog isn't a benchmark when it comes to showing poverty etc., by the way. I'll point you (and everyone, actually) to a very nice article on this subject in the Editorial section of the Republic Day edition of The Hindu.

Anish Goyal, India said...

you have put a valid 3 hrs what can u show that tell this is India?
I guess Shri Ram Sena or MNS would be the best choice to show today's India. can I forget...Bhajji's biography will also be good.
how u can slap ur teammate and call abusive names to a fellow what...u r a PadmaShri!!

Aish is still good..she was covered on TIME front page and TIME is not about mere celebrities.
and did Akshay Kumar or Akshay Khanna get PadmaShri. I guess Akshay Kumar...and if he got it, it's ok.