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Friday, January 16, 2009

50 days ...

It has been 50 days since Mumbai was attacked. So lets just try to summarize what has happened since then:

To start with, Shivraj Patil resigned owning "moral responsibility"

The Prime Minister told us something to the effect that India's patience is being tested and Pakistan must act.
Then the External Affairs Minister told us something to the effect that enough is enough and Pakistan must act
Then the Home Minister told us that Pakistan is the culprit and it must act.

Then the Prime Minister told us something to the effect that Pakistan has to listen and it must act.
Then the External Affairs Minister told us that Pakistan is engaging in double talk and it is time for it to act.
Then the Home Minister told us that proof is being presented to Pak and it must act.

Then the Prime Minister told us that there is undeniable proof that agencies in Pakistan are involved and it must act.
Then the External Affairs Minister told that Rahul Gandhi is ready to become PM... and ohh btw, Pakistan must act.
Then the Home Minister told that trade ties might be cut with Pakistan. So it must act.

We then present to the world a 67 page dossier that traces back everything about the attackers to Pakistan.Then we tell them - now is the time to act.

In the meanwhile, slain police officer Ashok Kamte's wife Vinita Kamte conducts her own investigations and reveals some disturbing facts. Kavita Karkare tells us something and the politicians lost no time in making it an issue. No one cares about the trauma the poor women is going through. No one is talking about ALL th 18 dead police officers. We ALWAYS hear about the Karkare, Kamte, Salaskar and Unnikrishnan. What about the others? How is their sacrifice less significant?

Speaking of others, why is it that we dont talk about the dead and injured at CST and Cama hospital? We just keep hearing about Taj and the Oberoi, like their sacrifice is more supreme.

And ohh... just in case you are wondering what is Pakistan doing all along...

President Zardari invented a new term - non-state actors.
Prime Minister Gilani, through his actions, gave a completely new definition to an already existing term: flip-flop.
All evidence we gave was just "information" and cannot be treated as evidence.
So, no "action" on these "actors". Clap clap ( it is not a new term :P )!

oops sorry.... some action was indeed taken. The NSA of Pakistan was sacked for telling us something that we already know. So I guess we cannot completely blame Pakistan for not taking any action.

50 days hence... Pakistan is still strongly deying world opinion and evidence. We are still trying to influence world opinion. Wonder how long we have to wait though. Just in case some of us forget.... before Mumbai happened, umpteen number of attacks happened over the past of couple of years in multiple cities. Mumbai was the proverbial last nail in our coffin. Here's earnestly hoping that my 100 day report will be more positive in nature...


1 comment:

Sandeep said...

I agree in totality with this article and would also like to add that most disheartening response from our much touted external affairs minister's "i mean business" persona has been him asking pak authorities to try the accused in pak courts atleast. I do not even want to wait for 100th day as i beforehand know and infact we all somewhere down the heart know that this indefinite lingering would continue as Congress party has been accustomed to from past so many decades.