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From roadside eateries to star hotels; from breakfast to midnight biryanis; and from mexican cuisine to hyderabadi; this blog attempts to provide you short reviews for all the places I have eaten so far in Hyderabad!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The concept behind this small kiosk outside big retail stores is really good. Read about the founders and how they expanded their businesses here. That said, I must say the taste of the burger is not superb. The main problem is that the bun is not fresh and soft! That takes away the fun of eating a really yummy burger. Also, the bun is small and a lot of sauces +cutlet+onions are crammed in between the two small buns, making the burger look larger (than life :P) !

All said and done, the concept is innovative and maybe the place is worth trying out once. I wouldn't go back there, for sure.

Location: Outside Ratnadeep super market, Somajiguda (and at many such places in the city)

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