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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thai Ban

Ok, I will start with a wierd observation. Chinese people add a "san" at the end of your name, if they are calling you with respect. I am assuming "ban" stands for the same in Thai :D. ok ok, let's get back to the saner world ;-)

This small place tucked away in the line of buildings opposite Brand Factory on Banjara Hills Road No.2 is simply awesome! That's it. That's the word. The Tom Yum soup is much better that other thai places in the city, and maybe the chef's hand is really good! We ordered a chicken cooked with a roasted thai paste (I don't remember its Thai name L ), and though it was spicy, it tasted very good. I think the key point here is that we have to eat it slowly over some time and not just grab it and eat it (old habits die hard, u see ;-) )!

And people, it will be a sin if you don't eat their Khad Pao, a specialized Thai rice. Believe me, I have eaten in some places which supposedly serve this, but this one was way too good and most probably is the authentic version of the original dish. We ordered prawns along with this, but I guess two spice items don't go well together. Next time, we should maybe take something mild that will go well with Khao Pad.

Sandeep bhai wanted to try a salad too, and we ordered the Papaya salad. We were actually expecting he will get papaya's :D, but the look of the dish surprised us. The taste surprised us too, in a good way! I must say, Thai ban is surely going to be a place that we will frequent more from now on.

Location: Banjara Hills Road no.2, Opposite Brand Factory

Cuisine: Thai (of course ;-) ), Chinese

Cost: Rs. 600-800/- for two persons


Lunatic said...

You have a nice blog here...its very informative too...keep on eating and the writing...:-)

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

San is added by Japanese not chinese people.
Good blog
- Ex Hyderabadi