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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great Kabab Factory

A guest post from Akanksha … read on for the excellent recommendations

The name itself sounds so fascinating. A factory for kebabs.. A fountain of icecreams and a tree that grows chocolates - Isn't that what we've always wanted?? The guys who wait on you are dressed in overalls and you need to make sure you befreind an agile and happy looking guy because well.. you'll realise the importance of that during your meal!

Stick to the starters. Don't even think of trying the main course which has some sad sabji and an ok ok dal makhni with an average chicken/mutton/veg biryani. Its a minimalistic main course because the concept of this factory revolves around as many rounds of starters as your tummy and those loose pants permit!

After the starters, move directly to the desserts. On different days you have different options.. order one of each and you can taste and share.. Shahi tukda/Double ka meetha is damn good. Kheer/Sevai, kulfi on sticks are aso decent. Pan icecream is something I tried here for the very first time and I loved it. Do give it a try.

They throw in ulimited beer with your sunday lunch and one beer on other days.. The place is a little expensive and comes to 600 bucks on a sunday afternoon. But it's worth it!

Kebabs on the platter:

Galauti kebab - Just thinking about it makes me go weak in the knees. It is finely pounded meat and a lot love from the heavens .. really.. nothing else can make it melt so beautifully in your mouth.. Reorder multiple rounds of this kebab.. ocassionally with an ulta tawa ka roti.. and make a roll with the chutney and onions.. yum!

Other kebabs are good and you can pick which ones to repeat after you've tried all in the first round. Also ask him for other options for breads. I personally like sheermal.. its got a hint of sweetness which goes very well with most of the spicy kebabs.

Love the place and strongly urge you to visit it TODAY!

Location: Banjara Hills, near to the TRS office

Cuisine: Kababs, of course!

Price: Rs.500/- for lunch per head, and Rs. 750 for dinner per head

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sudhir anna...nuvvu too much kadaa assalu...I never knew that you are maintaining two blogs and that too so updated....Both of them are real good and very informative....Trust me I woud bank on your blog when I come to India to eat food......Keep writing brother!